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The importance of inclusive communication

Inclusive Communication

June is the month to celebrate diversity and inclusivity, two concepts that influence how we communicate with others. At Talented Translators, we believe that language is a powerful tool to express ourselves, and it defines how we view the world we live in. We also recognize that language is varied and dynamic, and that it changes according to social needs. The language we choose to use reflects our thoughts and the kind of mark we wish to leave on the world. Inclusive communication also impacts the translation industry, as we should choose the best way to address our readers, with respect, impartiality and empathy, avoiding gender, racial and social biases. Today, we bring you some tips to make your translations more inclusive and easier to read:

  • Use plain language and keep it simple.
  • Steer away from long or compound sentences that hinder comprehension.
  • Use “slang” sparingly and be mindful when translating it.
  • Try to use gender-neutral nouns or phrases where possible.
  • Pay close attention to translation in context.
  • Come up with alternatives to make plural nouns inclusive (be creative!).

Use our Talent and Translate with us!
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