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At Talented Translators, we prioritize finding the most effective solutions for our clients at every stage. Building and maintaining positive relationships with our clients is our ultimate goal in business. We focus on our clients’ requirements and maintain an open dialogue to meet their needs effectively.

We provide the following services:

Translation and localization

We adapt your source language content to a target market. We comply with the linguistic rules of the target language, but we also strive to make sure it is culturally sensitive. It will sound culturally and linguistically natural, as if we’ve never been there.

Desktop Publishing- DTP

We know you value your source content design. That is why our technical team edits various kinds of formats, such as InDesign, Adobe PDF, Adobe Illustrator, among others, and the result is an identical format in the target file.

Translation for Subtitles

Looking for natural subtitles in your video? Aided by the use of different subtitling programs, we transcribe and temporize different types of audio-visual content. We pay special attention to cultural differences, and we make sure the content is adapted to the target culture.


Our services don’t stop there… We also offer transcreation, a combination of translation and creation. We can help you adapt your content from one language to another, making sure that the intention and tone of the message are preserved. Our creative translators use their proficient language skills to tailor your message to the cultural background of the target audience.

Editing & Proofreading

We perform typographic proofing, as well as style and grammatical corrections to all our translations. We have the best senior editors. They are experts in identifying the general style and tone for each work as well as great leaders who guide and audit all the translators in the team.

Machine Translation Post-editing

We are aware that sometimes there are time or budget constraints. This is why we offer a one-step service: machine translation editing, i.e. human editing to improve the quality of the MT pre-translated document.


Excellence, seniority and style are needed for your next business meeting, social event or congress. Our agency offers simultaneous, consecutive, telephone and      on-site interpreting. Our professional interpreters are highly specialized, and they will suit your interpreting work needs.



Linguistic testing is a crucial step in the localization process, serving as a key quality assurance task for software, websites, and applications destined for a global audience. Its primary objective is to ensure linguistic and cultural appropriateness and relevance. This task involves meticulously searching for translation errors, including grammar mistakes, mistranslations, and untranslated text, while also identifying and correcting typos. Additionally, linguistic testing addresses critical localization concerns, such as inappropriate cultural references or insensitivity to the target culture and language. By meticulously addressing these aspects, linguistic testing prepares the final product for a successful release into the global market.

We offer translations and localization of the following sectors:

Academic and Education

Tourism and Hospitality

Marketing and Advertising

Financial and Banking

Financial and Banking

Human Resources

IT and Software

Entertainment and Media

Energy and Environment

Energy and Environment

Technical and Engineering

Legal, Government and Diplomacy


Medical, Healthcare , Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Video Games

We use the latest technologies to obtain more effective, consistent and accurate translations: