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ChatGPT in translation

ChatGPT in Translations

Should we be worried about it?
A few months ago, a new Artificial Intelligence chatbot was developed by the company OpenAI, named ChatGPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer). It uses machine learning algorithms to create human-based text. Since then, lots of questions have been raised: Will it replace translators? What does it mean for us? While it is true that Artificial Technology is changing the way we work, at Talented Translators, we want to tell you: Fear no more. Artificial Intelligence can be used to our advantage in many ways:

  • It can help translators accelerate terminology research, by offering various sources in which they can consult terms, thus reducing the time spent on carrying out traditional research.
  • It can analyze vast amounts of data, looking for patterns and trends in language use.
  • It can automate many of the manual processes involved in translation.

However, does it mean it will replace translators altogether? Absolutely not. While ChatGPT can be useful in many ways, it will never replace the quality of human translations and humans’ linguistic creativity.

Use our Talent and Translate with us!
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