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 At Talented Translators our whole translation process is evaluated is reviewed by our quality assurance process and we are open to improving with our customer`s feedback. With this we hope to understand and satisfy their requirements. Our main objective is to develop and maintain a positive relationship with our clients.

We provide the following services in English/Spanish and Spanish/English.

Translation and localization

We adapt your source language content to a target market.

Document Formatting - DTP

Our technical team edits varied kinds of formats in order to resemble the source as much as possible.

Translation for Subtitles

We use different subtitling programs to transcribe and temporize different types of videos.

In-company language training

We train your employees in order to improve their linguistic competence in the target language.

Editing & Proofreading

We perform typographic proofing, as well as style and grammatical corrections to all our translations.

Machine Translation Post-editing

We edit machine translation text in order to improve the quality of the pre-translated document.


We can help you with simultaneous, consecutive, telephone and on-site interpreting.

We offer translations and localization of the following sectors:

General texts



Corporate documents

Software and IT

Audio translation

Technical texts


Video subtitles

We use the latest technologies to obtain more effective, consistent and accurate translations: