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3 Things to inform when requesting language translation services

When requesting language translation services of course you have the source document or content that you want to take to a different target language, but what else should you consider telling the translation agency or translator concerning the job you are requesting to get the best results? Here are the 3 most important things to inform when requesting these services:

1. Target Language/Localization

Of course you know what target language you need to get your content to, but is there a specific market you are aiming for? Is the translation targeted to a certain country? If you were to want your content translated to Spanish, is the Spanish Latin American Spanish? Or should it be localized for Spain? It can be the same language, but the market that you are aiming for might be turned off to certain forms of expression that might be more adequate for another region.

2. Terms and non-translatables

Do you already know how you want a certain word, phrase or term to be translated? Are you already aware that you do not want your products name to be translated or are there any other preferences or guidelines you want to be followed? Inform the translator immediately before he begins to work, this can greatly help him accomplish the task as well as fulfill your expectations of the service that will be provided.

3. Target Audience

Informing your translator who the target audience is can greatly help on adapting the vocabulary of the content. If your target audience is specialized and expected to handle vocabulary of a certain expertise, informing the translator will help your project to be appropriately handled.

What other aspects do you think would be important to inform the translation agency or translator about before starting the translation process?